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Safety Measures You Should Observe When Using Flea Medicine


Congrats for the furry friend you brought into the house! Now that you have made a good sleeping place for the puppy and you have made a diet program for him, don't forget the ticks and fleas that may attack him. These pets may cause nasty diseases to your four-legged friend if you are not careful. Losing this friend out of heart diseases these pets cause could be a painful thing for you. For this reason, you need to ensure the pet is as healthy as you are. One of the important things to note is the appropriate time when you should treat your dog with flea medicine at www.pet-lock.com. The second thing is the safety measures you should take when using the medicine.


The safety measure you should never undermine is consulting your vet for instructions. People who use leaf control products without clear instructions risk their pets' lives as well as their own. Consulting your vet should be the first thing to do especially if your pet is a puppy, sick, old, nursing or pregnant, allergic to flea control products or if the pet is already on medication. In extreme cases of any of these instances, your vet may advise you to pick the ticks, eggs or the fleas using a special comb. After this, you can carefully dip the pet in a basin containing hot, soapy water.


It is also important that you follow the Pet-Lock manufacturer's instructions. In every flea control product you buy, there are certain instructions that the manufacturers have highlighted. The product is only effective if used as per the guidelines outlined there. For instance, some manufacturers are careful to insist that a particular flea control product should only be used on dogs and not on cats. Most manufacturers go ahead to instruct you on the amount of the flea control product you should apply based on the size and age of the pet.


After applying the control product, watch to see how the pet would react or respond. This safety measure is vital especially if you are applying the product on the pet for the first time. If you see your pet reacting more weirdly, you should immediately call in your vet for further instructions. Some of the symptoms you may see on the pet and call in the vet include depression, excess drooling, diarrhea or vomiting, and poor appetite. However, it is advisable to first bathe the pet with warm water and soap in a basin immediately you see the first symptom even before the vet comes. You can also read more on how to get the right flea medication by visiting the post at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Flea+treatment.